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The instructional resources on this site are designed to assist educators seeking to make effective use of the text, Cooperative Argumentation: A Model for Deliberative Community. Included are sample syllabi, assignments, in-class exercises and related materials for lower and upper division coursework in advocacy, composition, oral communication, cross-cultural communication, interpersonal communication, decision making, conflict  resolution, argumentation, and related critical thinking skills. To learn more about this integrative pedagogical approach, see our Sample Syllabi and Learning Outcomes


We recognize that instructors at many institutions are expected to focus primarily on the development of writing or on the development of oral communication skills. With this in mind, we have provided assignments and related instructional resources in both areas. To further facilitate effective use of assignments,  published guidelines and criteria for assessment are included.


The following assignments focus especially on development of oral communication abilities:


Listening Exercise

Debate Forum (traditional debate adapted to a cooperative argumentation model)

Roundtable Forum (non-traditional cooperative argumentation model)

Deliberation Log (associated with Debate and Roundtable Forums)

Conflict Resolution Forum (non-traditional cooperative argumentation model)

Group Preparation (in-class preparation for Forums)

Worksheet (in-class preparation for Conflict Resolution Forum)



The following assignments are particularly fruitful for development of written communication abilities:


Empathic Listening Exercise

Preparation for Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Assignment

Conflict Resolution Forum Assessment Excercise

Position Paper Assignment

Argumentative Essay Assignment

In -Class Critical Review Assignment

Peer Review Assignment


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